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Readings of the day

The fine linen, from the Genesis to the Revelation, is quoted more than a hundred times in the Bible. It is a noble matter.

It symbolizes justice, holiness, when it is the clothing of men in the service of God. The priests of the temple in Jerusalem were to wear linen clothes. Underpants, tunics, bonnets, tiara, belt, everything had to be done gas bracelet homme with linen bague homme argent bracelet homme en argent maille figaro paris (Exodus 28.39 / 43). When the prophet Ezekiel has the vision of the new temple, he specifies that those who will be in the service bracelet homme acier de marque of God, will wear these garments (Ezekiel 44.17 / 18).

What we must remember from these texts bracelet homme mediator is their symbolic value. To be admitted into the presence of God, we need to put on bague homme farfetch the garment of righteousness offered bague homme expo to us by Christ. This is why the redeemed, in John’s vision, are clothed in white mode bague homme 2015 robes : « For the bague homme noire et or end of linen are the righteous works of the saints » (Revelation 19: 8). Dressed in the righteousness of Christ, we can stand before bague homme ambre jaune God to serve him, fulfilling bague homme croix de jerusalem the good works he has prepared for us.

Because of its great market value, the fine linen was worn by the rich. So was the bague homme blason rich man of the parable : « There was a rich man, who was clothed in purple and fine linen, and who every day brought joyful and shining life » (Luke 16:19). Here, the fine linen symbolizes the vanity of earthly riches. Riches that have no value before bague homme or blanc large God. Just as holiness and righteousness will subsist forever, and allow us to be with God, so much wealth bague homme iran and the love of wealth will be destroyed : « Woe ! The big city, which was dressed in fine bague homme 65 linen . ! In just one hour so much wealth has been destroyed ! » (Revelation 18:16)

In addition to being used to make clothing, flax could also be used to make fabrics for boat sails and ropes. In this case, flax symbolizes strength. David was bague homme quiksilver dancing in linen cloth before the LORD : « David danced with all his strength before Jehovah, and was girded with a linen ephod » (2 Samuel 6.14). Notice bague homme acier taille 56 the link between his strength and the linen belt.

Is not our strength in fossil bracelet homme ja6807040 the righteousness of ChristLet us draw from this righteousness of Christ the necessary strength to serve God with joy.

Flax seeds are used to obtain a bague homme or blanc et diamant vegetable oil. Linseed oil is bague homme acier motard used in the industry to make paints, varnishes, linoleum bague homme égyptien bracelet homme hype . but also in food. What margiela bague homme treasures in this modest plant !

Lord, who is clothed with your righteousness, comment fabriquer une bague homme I fulfill the works that you have prepared for me. May all the treasures of your grace be revealed in my life for the good of others. Amen !..