Coque samsung galaxy ace 4 paillette Major Canon announcements in February and May of this year CR2 -carrefour coque samsung a5-tlhgfv

Major Canon announcements in February and May of this year CR2

It will be fascinating to see as I coque samsung k zoom think it coque samsung j3 2016disney will give a good indication of the line up Canon is aiming cdiscount coque iphone xs coque fibre carbone samsung galaxy s3 for with the RF mount. A question we can yet answer is whether they will essentially replicate the EF line up, which has been quite stable for years now, or try ouvrir coque samsung s6 something different.

The R was in many respects somewhere between a 6D and 5D. Was this because it coque samsung galaxy core prime pastel was the first Or is this the new direction I think going forward that Canon might have to, rather like Nikon did coque samsung 8+ with the coque samsung galaxy alpha hiboux D700/800/850, accept a smaller camera also being top level quality. Canon has traditionally kept the 5D just a bit below the 1D often small things like the viewfinder cover being built in on the 1D and that flimsy bit of rubber for the 5D. With the size and quality advantages of mirrorless I suspect this connection coque samsung a3 blanc between size and quality will disappear.

So we might have the R as the jack of all trades. The RP as the low price consumer body. Then maybe an RS coque samsung galaxy a5 2016 3d as a higher spec, higher megapixel body aimed at landscape use. And eventually an RX for sports etc. That would make for a nice clean line up. In time one could imagine the R and RS then merging as both Nikon and Sony push coque samsung galaxy grand prime mer ahead with combining coque samsung s8 2018 coque transparente iphone xs fine high fps, good AF and high resolution, it might not be feasible long term for Canon to segment the market like that.

I am convinced Canon took the right approach. Top quality, wonderfully engineered 2.8 zooms covering 15 200mm, all stabilised, a couple of 1.2 primes, a 24 240 and a coque samsung galaxy trend lite keep calm and hakuna matata 24 105/4 and finally a stabilised, small, light 35/1.8. Right there coque samsung s5 marque that could cover like 90% of most uses. Now Canon can bring out the better coque samsung galaxy cor prime bodies and start bringing out more unusual and specialist lenses while the really exotic stuff like tilt shift lenses will remain EF mount for years.

A few other things I wonder about are:

Will there be an APS C RF mount camera Years ago it made sense, people upgraded gradually through coque iphone xs max silicone anti choc the system. But nowadays I think this is fairly limited to birders using cameras like the D500 and full frame glass etc. With higher and higher resolution full frame sensors Canon might decide to really go for Ef M as their consumer mount as it allows for really tiny cameras which matters a great deal for consumers. I think on internet boards it is vastly coque samsung mega gt 19205 overstated how many people actually use both full frame and crop and want to put full frame lenses on crop cameras.

Will there be IBIS in the coming years I would love it, coque iphone xs pokemon go like many here, coque iphone xs death note for coque samsung s8 doctor who adapting lots of old lenses. coque samsung gt p5110 But since Canon put IS in all of the 2.8 zooms I am far from sure coque iphone xs max element case they will go down this route just yet. Chances are they would rather we buy the new RF 24 70 rather than adapt the EF version!

In the EF mount, does anyone know if Canon actually cooperated with Zeiss for the ZE lenses and Voigtlander for their EF mount glass I remain a bit jealous of the amazing glass that Voigtlander is putting out for Sony FE mount and would love coque samsung galaxy s7 edge fee clochette to have some of those options for RF. Unless Canon is planning to make a manual focus 40mm 1.2 (haha)) why not let Voigtlander produce it for RF..