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Galaxy S8 Slow Motion Underwhelms

It seems the entire internet was coque samsung s8 resistance taken for a ride to rumorville with the supposed spec leak of 1000fps coque iphone nicki minaj slow motion on the Galaxy S8. The final phone is not only not including the spec but it coque samsung s7 c discount is still lower when it comes to higher frame rates than the iPhone 6s, 7, Google Pixel and Xperia XZs and XZ Premium. The phone maxes out at 720p 240fps which is so 2014 when it comes to high speed.

When it comes to 4k the rumors also touted 4k at 60fps, even some sites out coque iphone xr mignonne there still list the phone as a UHD 60fps capable handset. It is only in the end a 4k UHD 30fps phone with 1080p iphone xr coque simple 60fps and 720p 240fps. The Galaxy S8 does look like a beautiful and extremely capable phone with an impressive screen and voice features.

8MP AFAs you can see the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are beautifully refined phones with a lot to offer for the high end phone enthusiast. Sadly by dropping the ball on the coque samsung galaxy s5 mini silicone animaux higher frame rate aspect; it just lost amazone coque samsung galaxy a3 2016 all of our coque samsung s7 edge plus interest in covering it as a competitive option for the high end coque iphone xr glace of mobile slow motion solutions.

720p 240fps on the Galaxy S8:

Samsung galaxy S8 slow coque samsung galaxy s4 mini zelda motion test byIhthisam Ali:

In the sample coque samsung s9 licorne above at 720p 240fps by Youtube ChannelIhthisam coque iphone 5s paulo dybala coque iphone xr superwoman Ali you can see that the quality is more than acceptable in this mode but hardly competitive with the Sony Xperia XZ phones coque samsung galaxy s6 naruto doing 960fps at 720p today.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera test Slow Motion byIhthisam Ali:

You can see some aliasing and detail loss coque iphone xr freddie mercury compared coque iphone 7 juventus to true 720p video but it is a step up in quality compared to other phones in this mode. coque samsung j3 ac milan It should yield comparable results to the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 in this mode. coque samsung galaxy a3 2016 basket Sadly 1080p does not do frame rates above 60fps which for a vitre et coque samsung a5 phone that aims to be the best out there; falls flat on it curvy edges. The coque iphone psych bare coque iphone 6 serpent minimum flagship phone spec for 1080p is 120fps nowadays and Sony has the slow motion crown with the Xperia XZ.

We will post more slow mo video samples as they coque iphone xr kiss become available from the phone but coque samsung galaxy a3 (2015) rest assured the Galaxy S8 coque samsung s7 soleil and S8+ will not be in the running for slow motion phone of the year 2017 due to the weak spec in this category…