He briefed Congress on what caused the spill and served on a

No other explanation for these results is as compelling.: If Exit Polls Are Right, Modi Could Assume He Has Next 10 YearsMihir Swarup Sharma Sunday, May 19, 2019″If I were Modi, and these numbers are replicated on 23 May, I would be asking myself: do I have another five years or another 10? »: 5 Possible Reasons PM Modi Sat For A Press Meet On Silent ModeMihir Swarup Sharma Friday, May 17, 2019Five years ago, in his last press conference as Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh said that Modi would be a disaster as his successor, and that history would judge Singh himself kindly. Today, as Singh’s successor sat wrapped in a cheap canada goose silence even deeper than Singh’s, perhaps we should accept that Manmohan Singh was, as usual, right.: Modi Interviews Should Be PR Disasters. Instead, He’s On A RollMihir Swarup Sharma Tuesday, May 14, 2019It has been an interesting few days for Modi.

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