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Bush administration making long

Today of course marks 5 years since the United States invaded Iraq, but if it up to the Bush administration, our involvement there will stretch far beyond the 5 years.

Vice President Dick Cheney has been in Iraq this week playing let make a deal when it comes to our nation long term role in a country we now occupy. Cheney came away from two days of private meetings with promises from Shiia, Sunni and Kurdish officials to firm up a new blueprint for relations between the two countries. Security Council resolution that expires in December you know, the same time that President Bush leaves office. troop levels or tie the hands of future presidents.

And in keeping with the arrogant, unilateral way it has conducted business for more than seven years, the administration says it probably will not get Senate approval for this plan. Why should the American people have anything to say about it?

cheap Canada Goose The administration says that because canada goose factory sale it not a treaty that provides Iraq with specific security guarantees. Democrats in Congress aren happy. Some lawmakers have proposed legislation that would make the administration agreement null and void without Senate approval. Given the Democrats overwhelming lack of https://www.buchholz-net.de success in stopping President Bush from doing anything, I wouldn hold my breath. cheap Canada Goose

Here’s my question to you: Should the Bush administration be negotiating long term agreements in Iraq without the consent of the American people?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

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canada goose canada goose outlet black friday sale Geez, Jack, You act as if this president has never broken any laws! This president should be tried for war crimes or treason! But he won’t. Controlling the oil in the Mideast means we have to be there to babysit the Iraqi government while they cheat their own people! You know, it’s called from Greensboro, North Carolina writes: canada goose black friday sale

Hey Jack, Great question, but here is a better one: Even if Bush had 95% support from the American people, would it be proper to continue with over 2/3 of the Iraqi people saying out now »? I don think it matters what Americans think; no amount of polling will change the fact that a grave breach of international law has occurred.

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Absolutely not. Too many things in this administration have been done in secret. This is how Bush Co. set up themselves and their cronies for years to come. The heartbreaking part of it is that it will not be their children/grandchildren/family members who will be stuck in the Middle East dealing with this setup for years to come ours will.

Joan from North Carolina writes:

Canada Goose Parka How many times has Pres. Bush said he told the Iraqis that he did not plan a long term presence in Iraq and that they had to get on with the benchmarks because our occupation was not open ended? He lied; he was planning this all along. Canada Goose Parka

Since when has this administration checked the pulse of the American people before they did anything? I saw where Dick Cheney responded a blunt when told that two thirds of Americans are against this war.

canada goose uk outlet Hey Jack, remember the conspiracy theories that Bush went into Iraq for oil? Then everyone saw how bad the War was going and you didn hear much about it. Keep in mind that Iraq was only supposed to sell oil for food under the UN sanctions. Of canada goose jacket outlet course some slipped through but my point being that the only canada goose black friday new york option Bush had to get the oil moving again and thus into the refineries was to go canada goose outlet eu to war. Otherwise, the sanctions would have remained in place. After attacking and then two years to secure the oil fields, The Oil companies started making Profits They are still making profits and not rushing to build any more refineries. And we are in debt up to our eyeballs? And Bush says the War must continue! Why won anyone arrest this canada goose uk distributor liar? canada goose uk outlet

First thing is first, I know that Bush is still president but soon someone else will be calling the shots and he or she can technically undo any and all negotiations and that the beauty of it. So as far as I concerned plan and negotiate away Bush. Secondly, why is Bush making future plans for Iraq when he knows this. He knows the people of this country, same people that voted him in, want out of the war, how does he continue to plan for future war, same thing goes for McCain, 100 year war, you kidding me? The people want out! It over! Stop planning!!!

NO!! but what the American people want has never stopped the Bush Administration from plunging ahead with their plans in the past so why would care now.??? King George is going to do everything he can to limit the ability of the next president to move forward with the changes we, as a people, are so determined to see happen, whether under a Republican president or a Democratic president. I won go on with a diatribe. I am sure everyone else who responded to your question already has done a good job of it. Mary from Sarasota,

No but why would we expect anything different. Perhaps they should try to explain to we the people that we have no choice but to stay there for a hundred years to protect the Saudis (who own us) from the two headed Koran thumping Shia monster canada goose outlet cheney/bush created when they blundered ahead into Iraq. To the Saudis the only thing worse than having Iran on their border is having two Irans on their border. If we don stay to protect the Saudi royal family, they will resrict supply and send our country into a depression.

Unless I mistaken this is still a country of the people, by the people and for the people. The Bush administration has proven itself to be anything but a government of the people. With that in mind this canada goose outlet uk sale corrupt administration has no buisness deciding our future in Iraq after December, but I sure they try. I think at this point, with what we all know about GW elitist character, it up to the Democratic Presidential candidates to make a formal statement to the Iraq government that any proposal or contracts brought forth by this administration, without the approval of the American people, will be cast out regardless of the political fallout.

I firmly believe the bush administration has pushed the dam rule book out the preverbal window and couldn care less about AMERICAN PEOPLE and I have had all I will sit for I have no legs so I sit up to be counted! What I want to know is which of the 2 candidates are actually going to make it posable for a person with a disability and medical bills I cannot pay to get a job and have coverage that truly covers me so I can afford my bills not a free ride just make it posable for me to have a job and have True COVERAGE Is that too much to ask? I think NOT!!

No. That would be a travesty. The so called should be thrown out of office or impeached. How can a decider who has no good judgement negotiate anything with Iraq on behalf of this country.

Haven we already learned a lesson.

Canada Goose Online Please, please, lock this man up until Obama or Clinton is sworn in as the next president. Canada Goose Online

canadian goose jacket The is already a lame duck. The mere reference to him making any decision on behalf of the country makes me cringe. canadian goose jacket

Enough of the mismanagement. We don need the next president to have to carry the burden of the consequence of his actions. We already have enough in our plates.