If, for example, a gale had been blowing across the vast

The free labour small biz provides to the govt as GST and PST tax collectors and filers. No paid vacation. No paid mat/pat leave. They do not understand in what context those words were used.You can use advanced technology like resume match technology that can automatically select the best candidates not on the basis of a few keywords but on the basis of your entire job requirement. This technology considers the resume like an actual recruiter; it takes into account the objective of the applicant, the applicant’s experience, skills and education and matches them with each requirement in a job description.This also understands that not all requirements are the same, and that some are more important than the others, and ranks the candidates accordingly.With a click of a button and a well defined job description, you would be able to shortlist the candidates in under 10 seconds.Your recruiting costs depend on whether you do it yourself or you avail the services of an external agency. Do it yourself requires that you commit time and resource before you even conduct the first interview.

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