, lost almost $100,000, after thieves used malicious software

Everyone in the world is looking at our situation in awe. I think we collectively in shock (except for those of us that hold ludicrous positions on either side). Said, is a country full of hate and dysfunction. Mortgage rates usually follow the same path as long term bond yields. But lately, home loan rates are charting their own course. Concerns about a looming recession have roiled the financial markets but so far have not affected the housing market.

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canada goose factory outlet JM Test Systems, an electronics calibration company in Baton Rouge, La., lost almost $100,000, after thieves used malicious software to send a series of sub $10,000 payments to at least five co conspirators around the country, who then wired the money on to fraudsters in Russia. Happy McKnight, the company’s controller, agreed to talk to Security Fix on the condition that we not publish the name of her employer’s bank. JM Test is still considering whether to try to settle the matter in court canada goose factory outlet.