Str based Eldritch Knight can literally do the same thing

Not just in the game, not just in Final Fantasy, but in any game. God I love that game. Not only the gameplay felt SO fresh, but also the setting was so good that I spent most of my time just exploring every abandoned room, scavenging for more random dead NPC diaries, and hearing the Heart descriptions of the people around me.

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Replica Hermes Bags Adding the Shield spell put that to 25. I didn use the Defensive fighting style or Haste, which combined would put it to AC 28.Str based Eldritch Knight can literally do the same thing, with full Plate replacing tricks + Dex for the first 18 AC.Edit: Bonus EK does it without multiclassing. I have to give it a shot if I end up in a single class campaign Replica Hermes Bags.