The king divided his kingdom between the two older girls and

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Escape from HorrorLand was released in 1996 on the PC.[1] The game acts as a sequel to the Goosebumps book, One Day at Horrorland. Lizzy, one of the protagonists from the book, calls the player character to her that night, stating that her brother Luke and friend Clay have suddenly disappeared after a strange bout of supernatural activity in her household. The only clues she has are the Horrorland tickets they got from their last encounter with the theme park.

But one day, when the king had asked his three daughters how well they loved him, the youngest said that she loved him like salt. The king divided his kingdom between the two older girls and drove the youngest out, giving her only a sack of salt. The king regretted this decision afterward, but the girl was never to be found again.When the queen had opened the box, a pearl just like how her daughter’s jewel tears looked like was in it.

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