The right hander lasted only 29 pitches on a crisp autumn

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cheap canada goose 7. It’s cheap. Basic tours start at $94. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe sudden road collapse that left a gaping hole in the middle of a street in downtown Ottawa Wednesday morning occurred over a vein of sand, silt and fractured rock so unstable that workers completing the light rail tunnel below had to inch along cautiously for fear of causing a cave in.The sinkhole occurred in the same place engineers conducting a geotechnical survey for the light rail project in 2011 discovered a 120 metre wide « bedrock valley » stretching under Rideau Street, just east of Sussex Drive.The updated geotechnical data report submitted by Golder Associates to Capital Transit Partners, and then presented to the city, describes the valley as a natural trench in the bedrock filled with between 15 and 37 metres of loose fill, silty clay and « glacial till, » or broken, weathered rock.At its deepest point, the Rideau LRT station sits 27 metres below street level.Samples taken from boreholes in the vicinity of the sinkhole revealed the bedrock itself was also fractured, unlike the solid limestone found along the rest of the light rail tunnel’s route, according to the report, which was obtained by CBC News.’A bad area’ »Everybody knew that that was going to be a bad area, that special precautions would have to be taken, » said a source familiar with the light rail project.People close to the project simply referred to the area as « rock valley, » the source said.’Everybody knew that that was going to be a bad area, that special precautions would have to be taken.’ A source familiar with Ottawa’s LRT projectAt a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Steve Cripps, director of Ottawa’s rail implementation office, said special precautions were taken on that section of the tunnel, where workers were carefully excavating the final 50 metres between the future Rideau station and Colonel By Drive when the sinkhole formed.Workers used lighter, more agile tunnelling equipment and carefully reinforced the tunnel as they dug, Cripps said. The city and consortium Rideau Transit Group met regularly with a mining and tunnelling consultant brought in to provide advice on that stretch of tunnel, Cripps said. »Certainly the city’s been aware, and RTG’s been aware for a number of years, about the soil conditions in that area, and they have taken extensive precautions to deal with the soil in that area, » Cripps said, adding nearby buildings have been equipped with seismic monitors to detect any shift in ground conditions.Rail official won’t draw linkHowever, Cripps was unwilling to draw a direct link between those soil conditions and the sinkhole. »We don’t know if these soil conditions have caused this. It’s really too early to speculate, » Cripps said.Steve Cripps, director of Ottawa’s light rail implementation office, speaks at a news conference Wednesday afternoon cheap canada goose.