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Do you want to go back to a losing record? Because firing your head coach for getting 8 wins is how you ensure that no coaching talent will come within miles of State. Championship winning teams take time to build. Bama wasn built in a night. I have no idea if you are looking for a serious answer or not, but here you go. Palm trees don’t have a taproot system like most common trees. A maple tree with a taproot system can have roots as deep into the ground as the tree itself.

These are super common in restaurants in China. I learnt when I was there it was birkin replica common when going out to eat for a meal with a group of friends or colleagues for people not to order main courses for themselves as would be common in western restaurants but instead for everyone to pick a couple of things they liked, and to share them across the table using the lazy Susan. They then typically split the bill fairly evenly..

Nay BECAUSE of your stories I feel inspired. Okay fine, I’ll listen, maybe my form is off. I thanked him and went back to what I was doing. But thinking that whole thing over now, maybe the issue isn so much that he cultivates his racist fanbase because he a literal nazi, and it not that the world is filled with nazis in waiting, maybe he just another amoral politician with only one goal: more votes. Which obviously isn good, but that not a nazi problem, it a capitalism problem. I think I an idiot because I blowing my own mind here lolol.

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